Saturday, 28 November 2015

Monster Birthday Sale!

To celebrate two years of 100% Biodegradable, we're having our biggest sale ever!  All digital titles are 50% off until the new year on Drivethru and Comicsy.  That's $0.50/35p an issue!

Even the recently released print collection, containing 144 pages worth of strips from issues 1-6, is available at a reduced price.
Two years, ten issues, with contributions from over fifty creators (mostly from the UK) contained within, including the likes of Jim Alexander, Jon Haward, John Freeman, Gary Crutchley, Dan Cornwell, Alan Burrows and Brett Burbridge.  In fact, the call for submissions has been so successful that we've had to increase the page count from 30 to 36 pages just to fit them all in (at no extra cost), starting with issue 11.

To all those readers, reviewers and contributors who've supported us and helped us make it this far, we salute you!

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