Sunday, 14 February 2016

Biodegradable 12 Previews

With issue 12 of 100% Biodegradable due out next month, here's a couple of previews to show what we've got in store.

First up, Area 101 by Chris Redfern (Futurequake, Sliced Quarterly) and Dan Cornwell (Rok of the Reds, Dogbreath).
Issue 12 also features a marvellous back cover based on their strip, illustrated by the ever talented Brett Burbridge (

Incidentally, Dan Cornwell is currently gearing up for the launch next month of Rok Of The Reds (written by Alan Grant and John Wagner), which can be pre-ordered from Black Hearted Press here:

And for our second preview, we have the concluding part of Jimmy Furlong and Andrew Hartmann's chaotic carnage-fest known as...Moby Douche!

You can catch the first part of Moby Douche in Issue 11 of 100% Biodegradable, on sale in the following places: (where issue 1 is currently free)

Also keep an eye out for the new Shit Flingers Bestiary from Jimmy and Andrew, coming to Kickstarter in the next few weeks.

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