Tuesday, 14 August 2018

The Mega Meaty Monster Comics Giveaway!

Whether it’s boozed-up zombies, gigantic rampaging guinea pigs, or evil murderous unicorns you’re after, the Mega Meaty Monster Comics Giveaway has got you covered!

Assembled by myself using the Instafreebie service, the giveaway features over a dozen free sci-fi, fantasy, action and horror comics from top indie creators, including Dan Cornwell (2000ad, FutureQuake), Chris Sides (Impossible, Dark Matter), Ken Reynolds (Sliced Quarterly, Cognition), Rene Pfitzner (Sneaky Goblins), Lukasz Kowalczuk (Aces Weekly), Tim West (Hallowscream) and many more.

As well as being completely free, the comics are available to read in three different formats; pdf, epub, or mobi (for Kindle).

Just follow the link, and grab yourself a healthy slice of comic-related insanity before the giveaway finishes on the 26th August.


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