Monday, 21 May 2018

Heaps of FREE books!

More delicious Instafreebie book giveaways for avid/rabid readers to sink their teeth into!

First up, there's an absolute belter of a sci-fi, fantasy and horror giveaway containing over 120 books from the cream of the indie crop.  Some are previews, but most are the full novel.  Give 'em a download at the following link:

Next, we have a young adult book fest!  70 books for a youthful audience, which are jam-packed with magic, mystery and mayhem (and some have zombies, too.  Gotta love zombies).  Here's the link:

Finally, mostly aimed at the Middle Grade range, there's 50 books about friendship, honesty, integrity and loyalty. Admittedly, one of the main characters in my Navel Navigators novel is the antithesis of all those qualities (good ol' Caspian Thrall - he does like a good spot of thieving!) but at it's core my book is a tale of friendship and loyalty...'twixt boy and goat.  The link doth go thusly (sorry - I woke in a Shakespearian mood):

The 5 chapter preview of The Last Of The Navel Navigators is available in all the giveaways above.  Should you be inclined to check out the finished novel, it's currently on sale until the end of the month on Amazon for just 99p/$0.99:


Saturday, 5 May 2018

Free Comic Book Day Goodies!

Today is Free Comic Book Day, and you know what that means...FREE COMICS! 

From today until next week the digital version of 100% Biodegradable Collection 1 (collecting the best strips from issues 1-6 of the digital sci-fi anthology) is FREE on Drivethru Comics

The first 100% Biodegradable Collection features 30 strips from professional creators, indie regulars and promising newcomers across the UK and abroad, including Jim Alexander (2000ad, Judge Dredd Megazine), Neill Cameron (The Pirates of Pangaea, Mega Robo Bros), Graeme Neil Reid (2000ad, Meanwhile), Paul H. Birch (Toxic, Creepy Kofy Movie Time), Tony Suleri (Slumdroid, Bulletproof), Mark Bertolini (Breakneck, Scum Of The Earth), Stewart Moore (Zarjaz, Sliced Quarterly) and many more.
Whether it's giant rampaging rodents, paranormal ice cream salesmen, hard boiled detectives, adulterous martians or kung-fu kitchen antics you're after, there's a little something for everyone in this 140 page collection!

Here's the link:

And don't forget, if you live near a comic shop, pop in and grab yourself some bargains!

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Heaps Of Free Fantasy Books!

I decided to kick off May in style, and you can now grab a 5 chapter preview of The Last Of The Navel Navigators in 3 different Instafreebie Book Giveaways.

Navel Navigators...a feast for the senses!

See!  A young boy with a magic bellybutton get adopted by eleven-fingered banjo-strumming hillbillies.

Hear!  The unsettling noise of air escaping, as one of the young boy's travelling companions accidentally punctures a giant inflatable planet.

Touch!  An unsightly witchy-fingered pumpkin-clad Thingimagist (though don't blame me if you suddenly sprout extra eyeballs in unexpected places)

Taste!  Hideous hunchback cuisine, served from the waiters glistening humps.

Smell!  Brian the goat.  He's very, very stinky.

And if a Navel Navigators Sampler isn't enough to wet your whistle/grab your goat/prop up your under-inflated pudding, this is a great opportunity to read hundreds of indie fantasy novels for free (they're all available in epub/mobi/pdf format).  Heck, there's even a free 'Vikings Versus Unicorns' comic up for grabs, which comes with its own youtube Death Rock Anthem!  Some, like mine, are previews, but the majority are the full novel.

First up on the giveaways list we have the Fantasy Extravaganza, which features over 130 fantasy books.

You can check out the Fantasy Extravaganza, which runs between May 1- May 15 here:

Next up, it's the Once Upon A Time Giveaway with fantasy books that feature fairy tales and magical creatures (though I'll warrant that my book is probably the only one to feature Beard Pixies)

This particular giveaway features over a hundred books, runs until the end of May and can be scrutinised here:

And finally we have the Clean Fantasy Creatures Reads, featuring over 70 fantasy books which are suitable for younger readers (as well as adults, in most cases).

This giveaway lasts until the end of June, so plenty of time to check out the link:

Incidentally, the full version of The Last Of The Navel Navigators is currently on sale for just 99p in almost every digital store, including Kindle, iBooks, Kobo and Google Play.  Here's the stores link: