Saturday, 28 September 2019

Vegetarian cannibals and alcoholic goldfish!

My latest comic release, Eat Me and Friends, is out now on Amazon, and collects almost a hundred darkly humorous comic strips from four distinctive series (two of which were finalists in the ROK Comics Humour competition, as judged by the editor of the Beano).

In Eat Me by myself and Ian Alexander, a vegetarian cannibal attempts to find his place in a man eat man world.

In Drink Like A Fish by myself and Toshiro De Smeyter, a hard drinking goldfish demonstrates why it's a bad idea to get between an alcoholic and his daily fix.

In Ups and Downs, a man on a ledge spars with God, Death and a priest in a monkey suit.

And finally, in Wormfood, two dead bodies lying in a ditch in Bognor Regis bide their time whilst awaiting the inevitable zombie uprising.

The collection is available both in colour and black and white, in print and on Kindle, and is perfect for fans of Cyanide and Happiness, or The Oatmeal (or anyone looking for a Secret Santa gift that isn't just a reindeer that poops raisins). Here's the links.

Kindle and Colour print version:

Black and White print version:

Buy it for yourself, a friend, or someone you hate!

Soon I will have news about a brand new children's comic anthology that I will be launching before Xmas, as well as artwork previews for the next Grynbad book (Grynbad and The Eye Of Griselda).

In the meantime, feel free to get stuck into some 100% Biodegradable Comic Collections, which are once again on sale on Amazon in the UK, US and EU markets at ridiculously cheap prices (but not for long!)

Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Summer Sales and Biodegradable news

I've got an absolute heap of bargains on offer at the moment...books, comics, bellybuttons, you name it!

First up, my newly released comedy sci-fi novel Life Subtracted is just 99p/$0.99 on Kindle for the next few days. Grab it here.
Anthony Cresswell – accountant, deadbeat, key to mankind’s salvation. Humanity doesn't stand a chance!

My popular children's novel The Last Of The Navel Navigators is also available for just 99p/$0.99 on Kindle for the next few days. For all your goat wrangling, banjo strumming, hillbilly bellybutton needs, click here!

I recently released all 5 100% Biodegradable Comic Collections on Amazon (in both print and Kindle format), which contain the best strips from issues 1-22. Each collection is black and white (except for the Kindle version, which is full colour) and contains 110 pages of comic carnage from top comic creators, including the likes of Alan Grant, Ian Edginton, Alan Burrows, John Freeman, Kek-W, Lukasz Kowalczuk, Brett Burbridge and many more.

To celebrate reaching the end of 100% Biodegradable's 5 year journey, the print versions are available at the ridiculously cheap price of £4.99/$6.99 each, and the Kindle versions are just £1.99/$2.99 until the weekend.

So, grab them here whilst they're cheap!

For those who prefer to do their shopping on Drivethru, I have set up a very special bundle that contains all 23 of the single issue 100% Biodegradable digital comics (including the Apocalypse Special) for just $6.99 (just over a fiver). If you already own any of the comics on Drivethru, it will be even cheaper, as they deduct them from the price. You can grab that absolute bargain here. 

Lastly, Death Duty Renegade is down to just $9.99 in full colour print format for a limited time. Illustrated by Brett Burbridge and written by John Freeman and myself, this action packed tale of betrayal and revenge is available on Drivethru here.

As 100% Biodegradable is selling so well on Amazon, it's looking highly likely that I'll be bringing the anthology back next year (possibly alongside an all ages comic anthology), most likely as a themed collection. So keep your eyes peeled for more details!

For those comic creators who're interested in learning more about the mystic art of selling comics on Amazon, I have started up a Comic Creators Newsletter which comes with several free Amazon Ads guides. If you're interested, you can sign up here.

Saturday, 9 March 2019

World Book Day Deals And New Biodegradable Comic Release!

So, it's World Book Day in the UK this week, and to celebrate I have made the Kindle version of Grynbad And The Seven Soups free to download for this weekend only, in all countries!

Treat yourself to some fun soup-related pirate hijinks here.

Also, as part of a UK-only deal, The Last Of The Navel Navigators is available for just 99p as part of a Kindle Countdown Deal for the weekend (and Amazon have even seen fit to temporarily reduce the price of the paperback). 

For all your hillbilly bellybutton needs, click here. 

And in other news, I've finally released print versions of the 100% Biodegradable Collection 1 and 2 on Amazon (with more to follow in the future). The first collection went straight to number 1 of the Amazon Best Sellers chart 'Cult Graphic Novels' category, so it's worth buying for just £6.99 whilst it's cheap.  

Both collections feature 25 self-contained strips from an amazing selection of creators, including the likes of Dan Cornwell, Alan Burrows, Brett Burbridge, Tony Suleri and many more.  You can buy them at the following links:

Tuesday, 29 January 2019

Deadwood Hall children's book now available!

Late last year I was invited by the author Linda Jones to illustrate her upcoming children's novel 'Deadwood Hall', which launched just before Christmas.

It's a book about secrets, friendship and magic. Though what drew me to the project was the fact that I'd get to draw giant rampaging insects and slimy lizard creatures (and to think that my school teachers only ever wanted me to draw wicker baskets and bowls of fruit! They missed a trick there, I reckon).

Since I'm just about to get started on illustrating the sequel, I figured this might be a good time to actually mention that the first book is out.

It's available in paperback and ebook on Amazon, at the following link:

It's already managed to hit the top 100 bestseller charts in the 'Fantasy and Magic' category (at number 57), and seems to be going down well. So if you happen to have one of them 'small human' types, perhaps consider giving it a look.

In other news, I'm also hard at work writing and illustrating the Grynbad sequel, 'Grynbad And The Eye Of Griselda', which sees Timmy Grynbad and his mischievous grandpa take to their skies on the most miserable magic carpet in the world, as they go in search of an old ladies eyeball. Featuring more pirates, harpies and dragons than you can shake a peg leg or hook hand at!

The first Grynbad is still doing really well on Amazon, who keep giving it a rather fetching orange sticker.

I'm also in the process of trying to get the first 100% Biodegradable Comic Collection accepted by Amazon. The Kindle version went through without a hitch, but the print version keeps getting rejected due to 'lack of bleed' (even though the bleed is spot on). I've heard this is a problem that's scuppered many a comic creator before, so here's hoping I manage to get through the process with at least a tiny bit of my sanity intact.

More updates will follow soon...unless I get distracted, or, y'know, forget...