Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Biodegradable 4 Down The Tubes Review

John Freeman, being the jolly nice chap that he is, has just given the latest issue of 100% Biodegradable a nice bit of press on his Down The Tubes comic news site.

As well as refering to Issue 4 as 'the best issue yet' he has given praise to Tony Suleri's mighty fine Marren Kane artwork, referring to it as 'stunning'.

So, whilst I'm about it, I thought I'd show a brief sample page from the Marren Kane one shot that's nearing completion, titled 'Matters Of The Heart' (in which Marren goes head to head with a scorned ex, some insidious organ sellers, and a whole mass of unsightly Tran-droids). 


Sunday, 25 May 2014

100% Biodegradable Issue 4 Available Now!

Issue 4 of 100% Biodegradable is now available to buy on both Comicsy and Drivethru for just 69p/$0.99.

Featuring contributions from Jim Alexander (Judge Dredd, 2000ad, Planet Jimbot), Jon Haward (Judge Dredd, 2000ad, Tales Of The Buddha), Nigel Dobbyn (2000ad, Sonic The Comic, The Beano), Stewart Moore (Futurequake, Tin Man Games, The Solomon Kane film), Tony Suleri (Slumdroids, Cosmogenesis), Simon Mackie (The Temple Showcase, Satyr, Hallowscream), Paul H. Birch and more!

The fantastic cover illustration was provided by Stewart Moore (with design elements by John Kirkham).

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Issue 4 Preview - The Martian Affair

Scripted by Paul H. Birch and illustrated by Mats Engesten comes a rather marveous space adventure...The Martian Affair (with colours by Gavin Ross and lettering by J.Robbins).  Keep an eye out for it in the next issue of 100% Biodegradable, due out on the 17th May

A bit more about the creators:
Mats Engesten is a Swedish artist with more than fifteen years of experience in comics, illustration and advertising.

He studied art at the NTI School in Stockholm, sequential art and cartooning at The Cartoonist School in Hofors, Sweden as well as many years of life-drawing classes. He's worked with a variety of clients such as the LO Union, various rockbands and american comics publishers like Brainstorm Comics and Atlantis Studios.
His website can be found here.

Paul H. Birch is a comics journalist and writer, who regularly maintains Birmingham’s Speech Balloons column.  He has written for various professional and indie comics over the years, including Egmont’s Toxic, Creepy Kofy Movie Time and Bulletproof.

Issue 4 Preview - Mind Over Matter

Scripted by David Hailwood and illustrated by the ever popular Dave Thomson comes the jaunty space adventure 'Mind Over Matter'!

Friday, 2 May 2014

Biodegradable Bundle!

In celebration of the imminent Free Comic Book Day, for a limited time only you can now buy all three issues of 100% Biodegradable in a special bundle on Drivethru Comics for just $0.99 (around 60p). So if you haven't grabbed yourself a copy yet, then now's a good time to do so.

Please spread the word! All support is greatly appreciated.