Thursday, 31 December 2015

End Of Year Sale and Bundle

Today is the last day to grab the Freaks, Heroes and Horrors bundle on Drivethru, containing 13 digital comics for the low price of £1.70/$2.50. 

As well as the first 6 issues of 100% Biodegradable, the bundle contains Vince Hunt's The Red Mask From Mars, Neil Alexander's Good Guys, and several horror comics from Redshift Press, including their latest Whispering Sands release.…/Freaks-Heroes-and-Horrors-…

It's also the last day of 100% Biodegradable's sale, in which all but the latest issue of the sci-fi anthology (containing strips from the likes of Kek-W, John Freeman, Alan Burrows, Jon Haward and many more) are half price on Drivethru and Comicsy.

See 2015 out in style with a healthy helping of digital comic carnage!

Friday, 18 December 2015

100% Biodegradable 11 Out Now!

Issue 11 of 100% Biodegradable is out now, with more pages, more action, and more insanity that you could shake a mutated tentacle at!

Inside this issue, which features a rather smashing cover by Andrew Hartmann and Charlie Hogg: The eclectic crew of The Flaming Heston take a less than relaxing vacation in Jimmy Furlong and Andrew Hartmann's 'Moby Douche'...

...a middle aged barbarian sets off on a quest to restore his manliness, a downtrodden detective discovers the morbid truth behind an influx of street drugs, Travis Wilson takes a bad trip through the dark recesses of his mind in part 5 of John Freeman (Judge Dredd Megazine, Crucible) and Brett Burbridge's Death Duty...

...and a surfboarding werewolf goes head to head with the unhip Pat Boone loving menace that is Frankenteen in Kek-W (2000ad, Cap'n Dinosaur) and Lukasz Kowalczuk's Surf Wolf. All this, and more!

Grab Issue 11 on Drivethru here for just $0.99:

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Monster Birthday Sale!

To celebrate two years of 100% Biodegradable, we're having our biggest sale ever!  All digital titles are 50% off until the new year on Drivethru and Comicsy.  That's $0.50/35p an issue!

Even the recently released print collection, containing 144 pages worth of strips from issues 1-6, is available at a reduced price.
Two years, ten issues, with contributions from over fifty creators (mostly from the UK) contained within, including the likes of Jim Alexander, Jon Haward, John Freeman, Gary Crutchley, Dan Cornwell, Alan Burrows and Brett Burbridge.  In fact, the call for submissions has been so successful that we've had to increase the page count from 30 to 36 pages just to fit them all in (at no extra cost), starting with issue 11.

To all those readers, reviewers and contributors who've supported us and helped us make it this far, we salute you!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

100% Biodegradable Print Collection!

Hi folks!

I'm happy to announce that the first 100% Biodegradable print collection is now available to buy on Drivethru.
140 pages of action packed carnage from 30 creators across the UK and beyond! The collection includes all the best strips from issues 1-6 of the quarterly digital anthology, featuring the likes of Jim Alexander (2000ad, Judge Dredd Megazine), Jon Haward (Judge Dredd, Tales Of The Buddha), Neill Cameron (The Pirates of Pangaea, Mega Robo Bros), Graeme Neil Reid (2000ad, Meanwhile), Paul H. Birch (Toxic, Creepy Kofy Movie Time), Paul Harrison-Davies (Boom! Studios 'Zombie Tales', Blank Slate's 'Nelson'), Tony Suleri (Slumdroid, Bulletproof) and many more.

It's available in high quality premium format (a standard edition might be released at a later date), priced $22.99/£15

A second collection, containing issues 7-10 of the digital anthology in now in the works.

Huge thanks to all the creators, reviewers, readers and friends who helped get it this far!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Men At Work

A lot of 100% Biodegradable creators have been very active of late, so I thought I'd take a moment to draw attention to some of their projects.

On Kickstarter, Paul H. Birch and Steve Tanner have put together a rather spectacular 'Bomb Scares' horror anthology.  It reached its target within the first two days (little surprise, with such a vast range of artistic talent inside), but there's still time to grab it at discount price by pledging your support.

As well as containing strips from 100% Biodegradable's Mats Engesten, David Hailwood, Jim Alexander and Gary Crutchley, there's a gorgeous cover by 2000ad's Richard Elson and Dave Kendall, and plenty of other quality material inside.

 Chris Redfern, who wrote Happier Times for issue 7 of 100% Biodegradable, has recently released a sci-fi Kindle book titled 'Colt 45' which is available for just £1.99

You can find out more about this rip roaring rampage of cyborg revenge over on Amazon, and read the first two chapters for free.

Chris Sides (who wrote The Last Batch, featured on the cover of 100% Biodegradable 8) is currently holding a Redshift Press sale until halloween. 

This means you can pick up his Dark Matter horror anthology (which recently featured in a special 100% Biodegradable bundle) at a ridiculously cheap price (£8 for a print copy, and just 69p/$0.99 for digital).

You can order the print version on Comicsy here:

Issue 10 out now!

Issue 10 of 100% Biodegradable is out now on Drivethru and Comicsy (with ComiXology release to follow at a later date), priced $0.99/69p

Inside this issue: Truckers tear their way across Hell’s Highway on an ill conceived mission of mercy, a lone soldier battles invaders and isolation, two apocalypse survivors face off against the psychotic android scourge known as The Milk Machine, the return of Jim Alexander (2000ad, Metal Hurlant) and Jon Haward's (Judge Dredd Megazine, Tales Of The Buddha) popular detective series 'Sideburns', and Travis Wilson crosses the hazardous mutant filled London wastelands in the fourth instalment of John Freeman (Crucible, Judge Dredd Megazine) and Brett Burbridge's Death Duty series. All this, and more!

The digital anthology is 30 pages, colour and b/w. 15+ age rating, due to the occasional touch of blood and gore.


"A brilliant mix of dry humour, action, and story driven narrative." - Robert Bagley, A Place To Hang Your Cape

"The kind of smart script and stylish art that would feel right at home in the pages of the galaxys greatest comic!" Alex Thomas, Pipedream Comics

"Good old fashioned sci-fi escapism, and the art of Tony Suleri is worth the entrance fee alone" Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

“Featuring a range of styles, themes and ideas, there’s sure to be something of interest for all comic fans.” Ian J. Simpson, Geek Syndicate

And keep your eyes peeled for the first 100% Biodegradable print collection, which contains 30 strips from issues 1-6 of the digital anthology and will be released on Drivethru very soon indeed!

Saturday, 12 September 2015

Of Mice and Metal Men

Ken Reynolds, the assistant editor of 100% Biodegradable, has a brand new comic out now which is completely free to download.  Cognition follows the exploits of a steam-powered automaton inhabited by a human spirit and a demonically possessed mouse.  They battle spirits, monsters, and folkloric nasties for the British Occult Secret Service during the 'golden age' of the victorian era.

Cognition can be downloaded on the Facebook page here:

Ken has written and lettered the comic, with artwork provided by the highly talented Sam Bentley (finalist in Todd McFarlane's 'Lucky 13' fan art contest).  They plan to run a Kickstarter early next year to help fund a Cognition mini-series, so please spread the word and spread the comic!

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Issue 10 preview - Sideburns

Jim Alexander and Jon Haward have been kind enough to provide another 'Sideburns' detective strip for the upcoming issue of 100% Biodegradable.

The previous Sideburns strip appeared in Issue 4 of 100% Biodegradable, which is available here:

The strips themselves are almost 20 years old, but Jon's gritty noir artwork still holds its own.  And if you're in the mood for something a little more light hearted, I'd recommend checking out 'Tales Of The Buddha before he got Enlightened', which is illustrated by Jon and written by Alan and Jamie Grant.

You can also keep up with the latest developments of award winning 2000ad writer, Jim Alexander, on his blog here:

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Issue 9 of 100% Biodegradable available on ComiXology now!

As the title suggests, you can now purchase issue 9 of 100% Biodegradable on ComiXology for just 69p/$0.99.

The 30 page anthology features the likes of John Freeman (Marvel UK, Judge Dredd Megazine), Gary Crutchley (2000ad, WESTERnoir) and Paul Harrison-Davies (Boom Studios, Blank Slate, Boo!), and has a hand painted Death Duty cover by the mighty Alan Burrows (Eagle, Red Dwarf, 2000ad).

It's available to buy at the following link:

Issue 10 is due out at the tail end of September, and will feature work by John Freeman, Brett Burbridge, James Alexander, Joe Palmer, Jim Alexander, Jon Haward and more!

Issue 10 preview - The Lonely Mountain

With issue 10 of 100% Biodegradable due out next month, here's a preview of one of the strips inside, titled 'The Lonely Mountain'.

Written by James Alexander (Atom Jacket, Futurequake) and illustrated by Joe Palmer (Psychedelic Journal Of Time Travel, Futurequake), the strip revolves around the adventures of a lone soldier as he battles against killer insects and isolation.

You can catch more of James and Joe's work in Atom Jacket, a new free digital comics anthology which is available here:

Friday, 24 July 2015

Comics N Geeks

Those mighty fine chaps over on Geek Syndicate have given the latest issue of 100% Biodegradable 3.5 out of 5, and said some jolly nice stuff about the strips contained within.

It was especially nice to see Scott Melrose' debut comic strip (illustrated by the ever talented Denis Vermesse, and lettered by Ken Reynolds) get such high praise, referred to as 'bleak, dark and a visual treat'.

You can read the review here:

Or buy the comic here:

X-mas in July!

100% Biodegradable​ issues 1-8 are currently 25% off in Drivethru's 'X-mas in July' sale (that's $0.74 an issue!).

The sale's only running until the end of the month (much like our special Freaks, Heroes and Horrors Bundle) so if you enjoy mutant massacres, sci-fi carnage and undead shenanigans then please pop along and take a look.

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Get freaky, you little horrors!

The Freaks, Heroes and Horrors bundle has just launched on Drivethru, containing 7 comics at the low price of $3/£2 (70% off their individual selling price).

As well as issues 1-3 of 100% Biodegradable, the bundle contains Chris Sides 'Dark Matter' horror anthology (awarded 8/10 by Starburst Magazine), issue 1 of Neil Alexander's 'Good Guys' superhero comic, and both the origins issue and issue 1 of Vince Hunt's 'The Red Mask From Mars' comic (described as 'bright, colourful and insanely fun' by Curiosity Of A Social Misfit).

The bundle's only available until the end of July, so if you fancy thumbing through over 200 pages worth of mutants, spandex and carnage, follow the link and grab yourself a bargain!

And in case you'd prefer to buy print versions of some of the aforementioned comics, you can buy Dark Matter here:
Good Guys issues 1 and 2 are available here: and The Red Mask From Mars is available here:

Monday, 13 July 2015

Bundle Of Joy (and carnage)

The Freaks, Heroes and Horrors bundle will launch at the weekend, and run until the end of July.

Now includes The Red Mask From Mask origins comic, as well as six other mighty fine comics...all for the rather reasonable price of $3 (about £2 in English coinage).

Saturday, 4 July 2015

Freaks, Heroes and Horrors!

We'll be launching a rather special bundle on Drivethru in a few weeks, which contains comics from several other Biodegradable creators, including Chris Sides and Vince Hunt, for a bargain price.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Sunday, 28 June 2015

100% Biodegradable 9 - Out Now!

Issue 9 of 100% Biodegradable is now available to buy on Comicsy and Drivethru!

Inside the issue: a patient seeks psychiatric counselling when his dreams of distant planets begin to physically affect him, zombies cause bedlam at the local zoo, a man of medicine in ancient Egypt begins to raise heretical questions about his profession, an overly dedicated postman crosses a post apocalyptic wasteland in an attempt to make a first class delivery, a psychologically disturbed individual begins to lose his grip on reality after dying over a hundred times in his sleep, one lone soul crosses the treacherous plains of Yomi, and Travis Wilson attempts to drown his sorrows at a Martian casino in the third instalment of Death Duty (all other strips are self contained).  
Featuring the likes of John Freeman (Marvel UK, Judge Dredd Megazine), Gary Crutchley (2000ad, WESTERnoir), Mats Engesten (Final Death Race, Autopsy), Paul Harrison-Davies (Boom Studios, Blank Slate), Tony Suleri (Slumdroid, Cosmogenesis) and many more!  There are in fact 20 creators crammed inside the confines of the anthologies 30 pages, and 7 strips to sink your teeth into.
Issue 9 also features a hand painted cover by the ever-talented Alan Burrows (2000ad, Transmetropolitan: Tales Of Human Waste, and co-creator of Death Duty).

So, if you happen to have 69p/$0.99 spare, please head to Comicsy or Drivethru and grab yourself a copy.  ComiXology release will happen at a later date, as it's only just been submitted.

Also keep your eyes peeled for an extra special Drivethru bundle, containing the first three issues of 100% Biodegradable and a nice selection of indie comics from three other Biodegradable creators (more news on this soon!).

Before I sign off, I'd just like to say huge thanks to John Kirkham for all the support he's given me and the comic in his tenure as Assistant Editor.  He's stepping down from the role to take a well earned break, and Ken Reynolds will take up the position from Issue 10 onwards.  Cheers, John!  Thanks for giving Biodegradable a rather professional sheen with your superb graphic design skills - you'll be missed.  And welcome aboard, Ken.  Let's see where this crazy world of comics takes us next, eh?

Saturday, 6 June 2015

If you have any poo, now's the time to fling it!

For those who like comics involving a whole host of swashbuckling supernatural simian shenanigans, sink your teeth into the brand new Shit Flingers anthology!
There are several 100% Biodegradable creators involved in the Kickstarter project, including Jimmy Furlong and Andrew Hartmann (who dreamed up the idea), Dave Hailwood, Tony Suleri, Ken Reynolds, Chris Sides and a whole host of talented comic artists and writers.
So, if you have a few quid to spare (you can get a print copy for just £6, or pdf for £5 which also includes issues 1-8 of 100% Biodegradable thrown in!), check out the Kickstarter link and please give it some support!

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Black and White Preview

Coming to Issue 9 of 100% Biodegradable - Black and White and Dead All Over.  Script by Stu Smith and David Hailwood, art by Neil Alexander (with colours by Sypher and letters by Ken Reynolds).
Black and White is a short but enjoyably brutal zombie strip, based on another fun and twisted story from Stu Smith's 'Think Yourself Dead' Drabble collection.

You can catch more of Stu Smith's art and mental secretions here:

And there's more depravity from Neil Alexander here:

Today is also the last day of Drivethru Comics Sci-fi sale, so if you fancy getting 15% off previous issues of 100% Biodegradable (or issue 1 for free, whilst it's Pay What You Want), now's your chance:

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Heartless Mind Preview

Coming to Issue 9 of 100% Biodegradable - The Heartless Mind by Oscar Maltby (Psychedelic Journal, Shocking Chillers) and Dave Snell (Paragon, Aaiiee!!!), with letters by Ken Reynolds.

Also, don't forget that all issues of 100% Biodegradable are currently 15% off until the end of the month, as part of Drivethru's sci-fi sale.

Saturday, 9 May 2015

A Hope In Hell Preview

Coming to Issue 9 of 100% Biodegradable - A Hope In Hell by Paul H. Birch and Gary Crutchley (with inks by Mats Engesten, colours by Yal Zamor, and letters by John Robbins).

Gary Crutchley (2000ad, Death Race, Accent UK's Zombies) also has another comic out at the moment - WesterNoir, scripted by the equally talented Dave West of Accent UK.  You can check out preview pages, or make a purchase here:

Thursday, 30 April 2015

Amazing and Fantastic tales

Amazing & Fantastic Tales 5, featuring work by Jim Alexander and Jon Haward (whose 'Sideburns' strip appears in 100% Biodegradable 4), along with many other fine creators, is on sale now. 

This is the final issue, bringing to a close their regular series ‘Kroom’ and Wild West mash-up, ‘The Last Posse’.  Rounding things off is the self-contained comic strip ‘Facts of Life’, which shows what happen to a young man taught the facts of life using goldfish! 

They're selling issue 5 for £3 including p&p.  Buy all 5 issues for £13 including p&p.  If you're interested, drop them a line at this e-mail address and they'll invoice you via paypal:

Also, if you're in the Glasgow area, the official launch will be held in conjunction with the Scotland Cartoonists club, which meets up at the pub called Drury Street, located on Drury Street, Glasgow.  Join them on Thursday 7th May from 6.30pm onwards.  All five issues of Amazing & Fantastic Tales will be on sale.

You can read a review on Down The Tubes here:

A second Sideburns strip will be appearing in 100% Biodegradable soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

Sunday, 26 April 2015

Issue 9 preview - Lucid Dreams

Coming to Issue 9 of 100% Biodegradable (due out late June) - Lucid Dreams by Scott Melrose and Denis Vermesse (with lettering by Ken Reynolds).

Stunning artwork from the ever versatile Denis, and a gripping story from Scott make the upcoming issue well worth a look.

Although Scott is new to the comics scene, he's already made quite an impact and his latest 'Bloody Mother' collaboration with Denis Vermesse was recently accepted by Something Wicked (a fantastic anthology from those splendid gentlemen at Futurequake Press).

Friday, 10 April 2015

Submission Guidelines

What we are looking for:  Self-contained sci-fi, fantasy, horror and adventure strips, 1-6 pages in length.  Twist in the tale strips tend to work well, as do stories with entertaining larger than life characters and scenarios.  Strips should be aimed at a 15+ age group (please keep nudity/swearing and drugs references to a minimum, if possible.  There are occasionally exceptions, if the strip is good enough).  Completed strips (as opposed to scripts) are preferred, and stand a much greater chance of being accepted.  Sequential art samples are welcome from those artists who have no writing partner but are interested in getting involved.  There are also plenty of one page scripts on offer for those artists who are too busy to commit to anything longer.

Subjects for writers to avoid:  Zombies (we already have more than enough of those, thanks), people going into crrrazy Virtual Reality worlds (unless there’s a REALLY original twist involved), stories in which a bunch of soldiers mindlessly shoot things …but in space!  Anything for the 'spandex and cape' crowd (i.e., no Superheroes).

Page Dimensions:  Minimum of 2063x3150 pixels, 300 dpi, RGB, JPGS.  Full colour strips preferred, but not vital.

All contributors receive a free digital copy of the comic their strip appears in, and retain the rights to their work (though it's appreciated if they give it at least 6 months after publication in 100% Biodegradable, before having the strip published elsewhere).  If their strip also features in the Print On Demand collection, this will be made available to the contributors at cost price, with the option to buy and even sell as many copies as they like.  We are also very supportive of contributors who have comic related Kickstarters, and are happy to offer digital issues of 100% Biodegradable, as rewards tiers.

Other than that, there is no payment involved.

Send submissions/queries to Dave Hailwood at:  biomekazoik(at)

Please note:  We are currently CLOSED to submissions, as all our pages are full!  This may change at a later date (if we have any strips drop out, etc).

Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Comic Deals!

To celebrate the upcoming weekend chocolate binge, Issue 1 of the quarterly sci-fi anthology '100% Biodegradable' is free to download on Drivethru comics.  Grab it here:

As an added bonus, you can also grab issues 1-6 at a reduced price, in a special bundle here:

Or check out the recently released Issue 8, containing strips by John Freeman, Dan Cornwell, Valentin Ramon, Brett Burbridge and many more!

Saturday, 7 March 2015

100% Biodegradable 8 out now on Drivethru and Comicsy!

Issue 8 of 100% Biodegradable - the quarterly sci-fi digital comics anthology - is now available to buy on ComicsyDrivethru and ComiXology for a mere 69p/$0.99.

Featuring the likes of Dan Cornwell (artist of the upcoming Rom Of The Reds by Blackhearted Press), Val Ramon (D4ve, Outre), Stuart Giddings (Futurequake, Meanwhile), Tony Suleri (Slumdroid, Bulletproof), John Freeman (Crucible, Judge Dredd Megazine), Chris Sides (Dark Matter, British Showcase Anthology), Jimmy Furlong (Spod!, Something Wicked), Brett Burbridge (Steampunk Originals), Ken Reynolds and more.

Sink your teeth into another mighty fine slice of digital comic carnage!

And please give us a 'like' on Facebook, if zombies, mutants, robots, aliens and gun totting mercs are your kind of thing.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Issue 8 out now on ComiXology!

Issue 8 of 100% Biodegradable is out now on ComiXology, priced 69p/$0.99 and can be purchased here:

Inside the latest issue of the 30 page digital comic anthology: a bad batch of booze spells undead disaster for St. Patrick's Day revellers, mankind sinks its trigger-happy teeth into intergalactic assassination, the president of earth sells his race down the river, advances in gene-blending reveal a darker side to humanity, and Travis Wilson battles the demons of his mind in the continuation of eight part sci-fi series 'Death Duty'.

Featuring the likes of John Freeman (Marvel UK, Judge Dredd Magazine), Val Ramon (D4VE, Outré), Chris Sides (Dark Matter, British Showcase Anthology), Dan Cornwell (the upcoming Rom of the Reds for Black Hearted Press), Tony Suleri (Slumdroids, Cosmogenesis), John Kirkham (Time Out, Lost Property) and more!

 The comic will also be available on Comicsy and Drivethru at the weekend  

(Preview images - Cover by Dan Cornwell, Death Duty by John Freeman, Brett Burbridge and Ken Reynolds, Tomorrow Will Be Different by Jimmy Furlong, Val Ramon and Nic J Shaw).