Friday, 10 April 2015

Submission Guidelines

What we are looking for:  Self-contained sci-fi, fantasy, horror and adventure strips, 1-6 pages in length.  Twist in the tale strips tend to work well, as do stories with entertaining larger than life characters and scenarios.  Strips should be aimed at a 15+ age group (please keep nudity/swearing and drugs references to a minimum, if possible.  There are occasionally exceptions, if the strip is good enough).  Completed strips (as opposed to scripts) are preferred, and stand a much greater chance of being accepted.  Sequential art samples are welcome from those artists who have no writing partner but are interested in getting involved.  There are also plenty of one page scripts on offer for those artists who are too busy to commit to anything longer.

Subjects for writers to avoid:  Zombies (we already have more than enough of those, thanks), people going into crrrazy Virtual Reality worlds (unless there’s a REALLY original twist involved), stories in which a bunch of soldiers mindlessly shoot things …but in space!  Anything for the 'spandex and cape' crowd (i.e., no Superheroes).

Page Dimensions:  Minimum of 2063x3150 pixels, 300 dpi, RGB, JPGS.  Full colour strips preferred, but not vital.

All contributors receive a free digital copy of the comic their strip appears in, and retain the rights to their work (though it's appreciated if they give it at least 6 months after publication in 100% Biodegradable, before having the strip published elsewhere).  If their strip also features in the Print On Demand collection, this will be made available to the contributors at cost price, with the option to buy and even sell as many copies as they like.  We are also very supportive of contributors who have comic related Kickstarters, and are happy to offer digital issues of 100% Biodegradable, as rewards tiers.

Other than that, there is no payment involved.

Send submissions/queries to Dave Hailwood at:  biomekazoik(at)

Please note:  We are currently CLOSED to submissions, as all our pages are full!  This may change at a later date (if we have any strips drop out, etc).

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