Monday, 31 March 2014

Issue 4 Preview - Sideburns

With issue 4 of the 100% Biodegradable anthology launching in May, it's time to start showing previews of the strips appearing inside.

First up, 'Sideburns: Conjoined Sins' by Jim Alexander, Jon Haward and Nigel Dobbyn (artwork (c) Jon Haward).

This strip first came to my attention when it appeared in Issue 2 of the short lived Bulletproof comic anthology from Matt Yeo (which was also Marren Kane's first home, and featured the likes of Alan Grant, John Freeman and Alan Burrows).  As well as enjoying Jon's dark and gritty artwork, the quirky elements of Jim's script (such as reverse strippers) made it stand apart from your average detective story.

Anyway, they very kindly agreed to let me republish the strip and it's well worth a read if you didn't catch it the first time around (sadly their other Sideburns strip has been tricky to track down, otherwise I'd reprint that one as well).

A bit more about the creators:

Jon Haward is the artist and co-creator of Tales of the Buddha, who has worked on other iconic material such as Judge Dredd, 2000ad, Dan Dare, Spider-man, Shinobi, Warhammer and Mutant Chronicles. He's also worked on graphic novels for Classical Comics that have won awards; Macbeth, The Tempest and Frankenstein.

Keep your eyes peeled for his new Simba Khan series coming soon to Aces Weekly, which is written by the rather talented Paul H. Birch (who has also contributed to this issue of 100% Biodegradable)

Jim Alexander has written Judge Dredd - Calhab Justice, O'Rork and Pandora for the Judge Dredd Megazine, and The Grid for 2000 AD. He has also worked for Marvel, DC, Tokyopop and
Metal Hurlant. He currently writes Ben 10 and Generation Rex for Cartoon Network Action Pack.

In 2012 he set up a small-press label called Planet Jimbot.  Its publications include Amongst the Stars
(drawn by Mike Perkins), Wolf Country (drawn by Luke Cooper), the anthology Amazing & Fantastic Tales and Savant (drawn by Will Pickering and Fin Cramb; originally conceived for Strip Magazine).

He is also involved in several projects for Metal Hurlant Chronicles, which will air in the US this April on Syfy.  The trailer for Whiskey In The Jar, starring Michael Biehn and James Marsters, can be viewed here. It's based on a comic script by Jim Alexander and Gerald Parel, and adapted for TV by Guillaume Lubrano and Jim.

Nigel Dobbyn has worked professionally as an illustrator since 1988, producing comic strips for 2000ad, Sonic the comic, The Dandy, The Beano and Warhammer.

Check out his full bio here:

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Biodegradable Issue 3

Issue 3 of the bi-monthly sci-fi digital comic anthology '100% Biodegradable' is out now!

Deep sea divers, deadly supernatural hell hounds, horny loved up aliens, and lashings of wondrous carnage and mayhem! 

The comic is 30 pages, B/W and colour, featuring strips by Tony Suleri (Scar Comics, Futurequake), Mark Bertolini (Markosia, FUBAR Press) Carl Yonder (Action Lab Comics, Comixtribe) Dave Hailwood (Toxic, Strip Magazine), Dave Thomson (Strip Magazine, Dr WTF?) Simon Mackie, Mike Parsons and Denis Vermesse (cover by Carl Yonder, with design work by Assistant Editor John Kirkham)

The comic is just 69p/$0.99 and available from DriveThru Comics and Comicsy

We're always on the look out for submissions, so if you have anything you think might be suitable (self contained sci-fi/fantasy/horror/adventure strips 1-6 pages in length - preferably in colour) then feel free to send it our way to:  If you're an artist without a writer then please send samples of your artwork.


“The stories are irreverent and funny, but the longform tales ooze action and the kind of wonderful craziness we’ve come to demand of the creators involved.” – John Freeman, Down The Tubes

“The kind of smart script and stylish art that would feel right at home in the pages of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!” Alex Thomas, Pipe Dream Comics

“Good old-fashioned sci-fi escapism, and the art of Tony Suleri is worth the entrance fee alone.” Andy Oliver, Broken Frontier

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Issue 3 preview - The One Eyed Wench

With Issue 3 of 100% Biodegradable launching next weekend, here's one last preview page: The One Eyed Wench, by David Hailwood and Dave Thomson. 

A little more about the creative team:

David Hailwood recently became a BBC finalist with his post apocalyptic sitcom 'Bunk Mates', written in collaboration with Frank Burton (the comic strip version, illustrated by Paul Harrison-Davies, will be appearing in 100% Biodegradable at a later date).  Over the years he has written for a wealth of UK comics, including Toxic, Strip Magazine, Meanwhile, Futurequake, Paragon, and various Accent UK anthologies.  He co-edits the Temple Comic Showcase (along with Malcolm Kirk, who does all the heavy lifting) and edits the 100% Biodegradable anthology. 

His blog can be viewed here:

Dave Thomson is a regular fixture on the small press/indie comic scene, and his work has appeared in many anthologies including Futurequake, Strip Magazine, Bulletproof, The Psychedelic Journal Of Time Travel and Dr WTF? 

More of his art can be viewed here:

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Free Bulldog!

For World Book Day UK comic writer Jason Cobley has made all his ebooks free, including The Greatest Adventures Of Captain Winston Bulldog, The Extraordinary Exploits Of Captain Winson Bulldog, and Bulldog Clips.

I've always had a bit of a softspot for Captain Bulldog as the Bulldog Adventures Magazine was the first small press comic I ever brought (way back in the nineties!). There's some mighty fine creators involved in these comics, and you'll find the likes of Garen Ewing (of Rainbow Orchid fame), PJ Holden (2000ad regular), Neill Cameron (highly popular artist for The Phoenix, whose Poor Taste strip will be appearing in 100% Biodegradable at a later date) and there's even a few contributions from myself and Paul Harrison Davies (my Bunk Mates and Hoodied Horror collaborations with Paul appear inside Bulldog Clips).

Anyway, enough waffle from me! They may not be free for long, so pop along to Lulu and start downloading them now!