Monday, 27 January 2014

Reviewed by Pipedream

There's a rather lovely review for issues 1 and 2 of 100% Biodegradable by Alex Thomas at

Here's an extract: 'Another fantastic digital anthology from the UK this week in the shape of 100% Biodegradable from Biomekazoik Comics...The series owes an obvious debt to UK anthologies like 2000 AD with it’s mix of smart sci-fi and quirky, sometimes dark, humour. This is especially true in stand out stories like ‘A Better Place’ (which sees an advertising executive tormented by a psychic taxi driver)  and Slayer Keith (where mad geneticists get drunk and unleash giant kittens on the world) from issue #1 and Expendable Eddie (the dissectable clone who feels no pain – or does he?!) from issue #2, all of which have the kind of smart script and stylish art that would feel right at home in the pages of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic!'

Read the full review here:

Or grab yourself a copy here for just 69p:

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Issue 2 - Cover Story

Before I move on to showing previews of strips coming up in Issue 3 (due out in March), I thought it might be nice to show the process behind the cover design for Issue 2 (by Tony Suleri and John Kirkham).

Tony first split the background and foreground into separate elements, choosing to paint one element at a time.
In the image above, background colours have been added.
 Next, Tony concentrated on the main figures in the foreground.

Both images were then composited, and Tony experimented with various filters (in the illustration above, he used a Watercolour filter)
Finally, the cover image was passed on to John Kirkham, who handles the graphic design for 100% Biodegradable as well as Assistant Editor duties.  John altered the colouring, making the background a darker blue so as to accentuate the foreground characters and action, performed various other touch ups and added the logos.

And there you have bloomin' lovely looking cover!

Keep your eyes peeled for Issue 3's cover, which is illustrated by the marvelous Carl Yonder.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Biodegradable Issue 2

Issue 2 of of the bi-monthly digital comic anthology launched at the weekend, and features strips from a whole wealth of talented creators from across the UK and abroad.

Coming at you in glorious colour, there's the One Eyed Wench from David Hailwood and Dave Thomson.

This was actually the first collaboration between the two Dave's, and has only ever appeared before in a special 16 page PDF included as part of the 'Cyborg Pledge' for the SPOD! anthology Kickstarter.  A second 'Wench' strip follows next issue, and a one-shot may one day be on the cards if either Dave can ever find the time.

We also have Love Hurts from David Hailwood and Stuart Giddings; an action packed comedy carnage-fest involving a messy divorce settlement between two alien gangsters. 

This strip previously appeared in Meanwhile 4 (another fine anthology that's set to make a comeback) back in the late 90's, alongside some mighty fine creators, including Gary Spencer Millidge, Roger Langridge and Graeme Neil Reid (whose fantastic 'First Impressions' strip from that issue will be getting another outing in a future issue of 100% Biodegradable).


Also inside the comic is another Marren Kane strip by David Hailwood and Tony Suleri (a blog post on the history and process behind Marren Kane will follow soon), and contributions from Paul Harrison-Davies, Simon Mackie, Neil Alexander and Mike Parsons (an amazing Toronto-based cartoonist, whose brilliant biological oddities can be marveled at on his website).

John Freeman recently reviewed Issue 2 on Down The Tubes, stating: 'This second issue – on sale now for just 99 measly cents – maintains the quality, with truly knockout art from Tony Suleri on Marren Kane: The Eyes Have It and wonderfully funny stuff from writer Dave Hailwood and Stu Giddings on Love Hurts.'  

So if you find yourself with 69p/$0.99 to spare, please hop along to either Comicsy or Drivethru and grab yourself a copy.  All support is highly appreciated, and will help secure the comics future.

Issue 3 is coming together nicely, and is due out mid-March.  Stay tuned for some previews! 

Saturday, 18 January 2014

A hearty welcome!

Well hello there, my inquisitive compadres!

Welcome to the brand new blog for Biomekazoik Developments - home to the 100% Biodegradable comics anthology, and the free online board game 'Board Horde'.

As time goes on I'll be using this blog to bring attention to upcoming strips in the anthology, highlight the works of various creators and give a behind the scenes look at the art, writing and editing process.  And maybe, just maybe, I'll one day do an update for that pesky online board game of mine!

Currently the anthology has only been out for two months now, and we've already had masses of high quality submissions - some from newcomers, and others from seasoned pros (the web links to the right should give you an idea of some of the creators whose work will be appearing inside future issues). 

If you happen to be a comic writer or artist who would like to get involved, then we're looking for 1-6 page self contained strips of a sci-fi/fantasy/horror/adventure nature.  Preferably completed strips, though if you're a great artist looking for a writer or a great writer looking for an artist we may be able to pair you up with someone if your work is what we're after.  Feel free to email us at: biomekazoik[at] for more information.

I'd just like to say huge thanks to John Kirkham for doing such a marvelous job on the graphic design work for the covers and contents pages (and all the joyous admin work!), and to all the creators who have submitted work so far.  The generosity of some of the professional creators who've taken time out of their busy schedules to rifle through their back catalogue of work at the insane whim of a bespectacled beard-sporting editor has been truly astounding.  Cheers, chaps!  That bar tab at the next comic convention I attend may bankrupt me, as it's growing with every favour...

Anyway, must get back to planning issue 3 (due out mid-March).  Stay tuned as there's fun times ahead, people!

- David Hailwood (editor of 100% Biodegradable)