Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Biodegradable Birthday Bonanza!

This week marks 100% Biodegradable's first birthday.  Hurrah!

To celebrate, you can grab issue 1 for free on Comicsy until 1st December, or buy all 6 issues as part of a special DriveThru Bundle for less than $3.

Special thanks to all those readers, contributors, creators and reviewers who helped us get this far.  It's been hugely appreciated, and you've all really helped to make the comic a rather grand affair!

As of next year, Biodegradable will be going quarterly to allow us to focus on putting out a few one shots and mini series, and also attempt a print on demand collection of the best of issues 1-6.

But don't worry, there's still plenty of exciting material coming up next year.  In fact, have a quick peek at The Last Batch from Chris Sides and Dan Cornwell, for some hilarious booze-addled flesh munching action!

And keep your eyes peeled for issue 7, due out in December and featuring the likes of John Freeman, Alan Burrows, Chris Redfern, JT Pegg, Brett Burbridge, Tony Suleri and more!

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