Monday, 19 September 2016

More Issue 14 sneak peeks!

Well, since Issue 14 is mere hours away from completion, here's a peek at some of the other strips appearing inside.

From Andre Mateus and Tony Suleri there's 'Old Bill' - an ageing detective who's struggling to remain useful in a technologically advanced society.

Then there's Last Breath by David Hailwood, Dave Snell and Ken Reynolds, in which even the stars provide no escape from a persistent zombie outbreak.

And rounding off the issue, there's the final instalment of John Freeman and David Hailwood's Death Duty series, ably illustrated by Brett Burbridge, and lettered by Ken Reynolds.

There'll be more news on the series that'll be replacing Death Duty coming soon, so stay tuned! (or, er, pop back later)

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