Sunday, 26 March 2017

100% Biodegradable 16 - out now!

Issue 16 of the 36 page quarterly sci-fi anthology 100% Biodegradable has just launched on Comicsy and Drivethru (with a ComiXology release to follow at a later date).

Inside the issue:

Almost exactly 27 years after its original publication in Marvel UK's 'Strip', Liam Sharp (Wonder Woman, X-Men, Batman) and John Freeman's 'Rourke Of The Radlands' returns, with a brand new lick of digital paint from Brett Burbridge!  

This won't be the last we see of Rourke, either.  Bill Storie and Brett Burbridge are currently hard at work illustrating a brand new Rourke strip (scripted by John Freeman and David Hailwood) for issue 17.

Also inside issue 16...A Mars base gets infected by a deadly alien parasite in Paul Bradford (Octal, Hallowscream) and Luciano Fleitas' (H-alt, The Chronicles Of Terror) haunting sci-fi tale 'The Ides Of Mars'.

Luciano's artwork is pretty damned gorgeous, and if you fancy drooling over more of it, check out his deviant art page.

The crew of the Skow 709 run a gauntlet of ancient alien deathtraps in the second part of 'Skowdogs' - a brand new 8 part series by John Freeman (Judge Dredd Megazine, Crucible) and Dave Thomson (The Psychedelic Journal of Time Travel, Dr WTF?).   
Switchblade gains a new client as giant mutated germs infest the city in the second part of a 3 part series by Alan Burrows (Eagle, 2000ad), Paul H.Birch (Toxic, Creepy Kofy Movie Time) and Steve Harrison (Fast Car magazine, The Sunday Sport)  

And finally, in an attempt to tackle spiralling crime rates, the police force unleash a bizarre  group of mutants and super freaks to dispense their own unique brand of criminal justice...The Odd Squad by David Hailwood and Tony Suleri.

Grab the latest issue on Comicsy here or Drivethru here for just 69p/$0.99!

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